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The BCGS publishes a number of reference aids and works and makes them available to members and the public. These publications may be ordered by mail or they may be purchased at the Society's library. If you have any questions about products in the BCGS Store, please contact Guy Bierman.

Want to pay with Paypal? Email Guy with your purchase request and he will send you the total price and instructions.

Beginners Guide to Genealogical Research in Berks County

#BCGS2 - A starter kit for beginners, 180 pages including maps, sample charts, forms and research aids. Revised 2006. softcover, 8 x 11.

$19.00$3.00 S&H

Death Records of Rev. William Boos, 1782-1807

#BCGS3 - From various translations of Pastoral Acts of the Reformed minister who served in many areas of central Berks County, with index. softcover, 8 x 11, 39 pp.

$8.00$2.50 S&H

Berks County Soldiers in the American Revolution

#BCGS4 - One of the sources of Revolutionary War Service for Berks Patriots. Reprint of Lieutenant Accounts, 1777-1780 from PA. ARCHIVES, 3rd Series, Vol. 6. Plus supplemental sources. With index. softcover, 8 x 11, 88 pp.

$12.00$3.00 S&H

1754 Berks County Taxables

#BCGS5 - 1990 reprint of the 1754 original list of taxable inhabitants of Berks County, by townships. With surname index. softcover, 8 x 11, 61 pp.

$10.00$2.50 S&H

1767 Berks County Taxables

#BCGS6 - 1987 reprint of the 1767 tax lists of Berks County which appear in the published PA. ARCHIVES with surname index. softcover, 8 x 11, 63 pp.

$10.00$2.50 S&H

Pennsylvania Septennial Census - Berks County 1779

#BCGS7 - Reprint of the original semi-alphabetical lists of taxable inhabitants of the county. softcover, 8 x 11

$10.00$2.50 S&H

Index to the 1870 Federal Census of Berks County [1982]

#BCGS8 - Berks County townships and boroughs excepting Reading, softcover, 5 x 8, 72 pp.

$8.00$2.50 S&H

1770 Map of Eastern Portion of Pennsylvania

#BCGS12 - Reprint from published Pennsylvania Archives. 17 x 22

$5.00$1.00 S&H

Portion of a Map With Variants From 1723-1743

#BCGS13 - From Atlantic Ocean and west to Lancaster Co. and 39 to 41 degrees latitude. Reprint from the published Pennsylvania Archives. 11 x 17

$1.00$1.00 S&H

Portion of a 1792 Map of Pennsylvania

#BCGS14 - All of Berks County and portions of bordering counties. Reprint from the published Pennsylvania Archives. 11 x 17.

$1.00$1.00 S&H

1862 Atlas of Berks County

#BCGS16 - 11 x 15 booklet of Berks County Township maps with Landowners marked on map, SURNAME INDEX included. (soft cover) Printed for BCGS by Mastoff Press.

$19.00$3.00 S&H

Index of Surnames Found in Berks County Historical and Biographical Books

#BCGS17 - Surname index (not every name) compiled from four main Historical and Biographical works about Berks County. softcover, 8 x 11, 24 pp.

$5.00$2.00 S&H

The Petitioners

#BCGS18 - 18th Century Actions to erect Present-day Berks County. softcover, 8 x 11, 36 pp.

$8.00$2.50 S&H

1854 Atlas of Berks County

#BCGS19 - 1985 reprint of Henry & Boyer's Township Map of Berks County. Maps of each township except Ruscombmanor. Landowners are marked on maps, indexed, softcover, 8 x 11, 51 pp.

$10.00$3.00 S&H

The Pastors Herman of Berks County 1810 - 1901

#BCGS25 - A CD-ROM with PDF files of the Baptism, Marriage, and Death records of Rev. Charles Herman, Rev. Jacob S. Herman, Rev. Alfred J. Herman.

$19.00$1.50 S&H

Reading Death Records 1873 - 1905

#BCGS26 - A CD-ROM with PDF Alpha files of approximately 39,000 deaths as transcribed from the ledgers at the Reading courthouse. Also include additional PDF files used to print the Berks County Death Collection.

$19.00$1.50 S&H

Charles Evans Cemetery Records, Reading, PA

#BCGS27 - This CD-ROM contains 60,000 burials through 1993 in PDF file. Date of burials only.

$19.00$1.50 S&H

Aulenbach Cemetery Records

#BCGS28 - One of Reading's oldest cemeteries. CD-ROM contains image files of actual cemetery card file.

$19.00$1.50 S&H

First Reformed Church, Reading, PA - Records 1792-1905

#BCGS29 - A CD-ROM with PDF files of the Baptism, Marriage, and Burial records.

$19.00$1.50 S&H

Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, PA Records 1751-1904

#BCGS30 - A CD-ROM with PDF files of the Baptism, Marriage, and Burial records.

$19.00$1.50 S&H

Berks County Death Collection, 1797-1892

#BCGS33 - Collection of death records from Alms House 1825-1892, Adler 1797- 1815, Eagle partial 1868- 1879, Berks County 1852-1855. softcover, 8 x 11, 70 pp. double sided.

$12.00$3.00 S&H

History of St. Thomas Church, Bernville, PA

#BCGS35 - Hard cover book, brief history, lists of Catechism Classes with class photo when taken, color pages on stained glass.

$19.00$3.00 S&H

Berks County, Pennsylvania Naturalization Records 1752-1764

#BCGS36 - Foreign protestants in America and West Indian Colonies. softcover, 8 x 11.

$5.00$2.00 S&H

Heavy Canvas Tote Bag

#BCGS40 - Natural color with Berks County Genealogical Society logo on one side.

$9.00$3.00 S&H

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