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The society publishes Journal of the Berks County Genealogical Society, a scholarly quarterly journal edited by Joan Seaman.

This is a chronological index of the articles published in the Journal since 1986. Browse through the index. If you find an article of interest to you, print out a Journal Order Form. Back issues of the Journal are available for $2.00 (plus shipping and handling).

Volume 31, No. 3, Spring 2011

  • Front Cover Photo: St. John's (Gernant's) United Church of Christ, Leesport. Credit: Guy Bierman.
  • A City of the Dead: Over a Centruy Old—Gernant's Church Where the Ancestors of Many Well-Known Berks Families are Buried, submitted by Pauline Leffel.
  • Naming Customs: Scandinavian and Icelandic, submitted by Shirley Mainello.
  • Rev. Dr. John J. Kuendig, of St. John's German Lutheran Church, submitted by Pauline Leffel.
  • 3,000 in Potter's Field, submitted by Pauline Leffel.
  • Stephen Kurtz of Bern Township, submitted by Shirley Harness.
  • Business Notices excerpts from 1876 Illustrated Atlas of Berks County, submitted by F. A. Davis.

Volume 31, No. 4, Summer 2011

  • Front Cover Photo: The Distlefink at the Berks County Heritage Center.
  • Berk's “Grand Old Lady” (Susanna Seidel) and Birthplace, submitted by James Fair.
  • Mary Womelsdorf Ritzman Troutman and her Descendants, submitted by Ann Balderrama.
  • Our Church Paper.
  • Twin Sisters Katie and Sarah Christ, Born in Bern in 1839, submitted by James Fair.
  • Spanish Naming Customs, submitted by Shirley Mainello.
  • Index of Volume 31.

Volume 32, No. 1, Fall 2011

  • Front Cover Photo: Wolff Family Monument in St. John's Cemetery, Hamburg. Credit: John Balderrama.
  • Death of Hamburg's Oldest Resident, submitted by Charlene Stehman.
  • Aged People of Oley Who Passed Away, submitted by Pauline Leffel.
  • Descended From a Long-Lived Berks County Family, submitted by Elaine Albert.
  • Shed-Rules at Funerals, submitted by Pauline Leffel.
  • William Landis Ebert (1916-2003), submitted by Michele Ebert.
  • Berks History, submitted by Pauline Leffel.
  • How to Determine a Birthdate.
  • German Naming Customs, submitted by Shirley Mainello.
  • Berks County in 1876, submitted by F. A. Davis.
  • Old-Time Nailers, submitted by Pauline Leffel.

Volume 32, No. 2, Winter 2011

  • Front Cover Photo: Joanna Furnace. Credit: Guy Bierman.
  • Berks Cousins – The Rutter Family, by Guy Bierman.
  • The Society Page Of Years Past, submitted by Georgine C. Smaglinski.
  • Dangers Aboard Ship Were More Than Weather, by Shirley Mainello.
  • Berks County Almshouse, by Michele Ebert.
  • Family Bibles Are An Underutilized Genealogical Resource, by Michael Hait.
  • Samuel Sockrider From Tuppehocking!, submitted by Sandy Fackler.
  • Reconstructing Families – Daniel (DJD2) and Peter (DJD5) Womelsdorf, by Ann Balderrama.

Volume 32, No. 3, Spring 2012

  • Front Cover Photo: Dower Chest OF Johannes Alweins. Credit: Duane F. Alwin.
  • Annie C. Funk, by Pauline Leffel.
  • The Dower Chest Of Johannes Alweins, by Duane F. Alwin.
  • My Many Ancestors: A Discovery Of Other Immigrants, by Karl & Sylvia Ann Graybill.
  • My Degler Ancestry, by Kerry A. Mull.

Volume 32, No. 4, Summer 2012

  • Front Cover Photo: Jeremiah Ziemer Farm. Credit: J. Lemar Mast.
  • My Ziemer Ancestry In Berks County, by Grace A. Zimmerman.
  • The Deed To Womelsdorf, submitted by Ann Balderrama.
  • Sleeps In A Shanty With Dynamite Overhead, submitted by Pauline Leffel.
  • Allegheny Union Church, by Grace A. Zimmerman.
  • Researching The Irish ... Names, Cultures, History, by Shirley Mainello.
  • Meyer and Diener Families In Early Berks County, by Eileen Tallas.
  • Index of Volume 32.

Volume 33, No. 1, Fall 2012

  • Front Cover Photo: Lincoln Homestead House & Barn. Credit: J. Lemar Mast.
  • The Lincolns Of Berks County, by Rev. P. C. Croll.
  • My Grader And Mayberry Ancestry, by Eileen Tallas.
  • Enhancing Your Line Of Knots, by Shirley Mainello.
  • The Last Veteran Of The Revolutionary War Who Died In Reading, contributed by Pauline Leffel.

Volume 33, No. 2, Winter 2012

  • Front Cover Photo: Steam Engines. Credit: Archives Of Ontario, Toronto, Ont.
  • The Hazards Of Being A Farmer, by Jim Fair.
  • Reading As A Gun-Making City, contributed by Pauline Leffel.
  • Query On Benjamin Augustus Burkhart, by Grace A. Zimmerman.
  • What Did Our European Ancestors Eat?, by Shirley Mainello.
  • Christian Henrich's Mass House, Albany Township, by Duane F. Alwin.
  • A Tale Of Two Soldiers, by Tim Bingaman.
  • Chestnut Hill, by Doyle Hatt.

Volume 33, No. 3, Spring 2013

  • Front Cover Photo: Tombstone For Ephraim Bingaman Buried In The Bern Church Cemetery. Credit: Tim Bingaman.
  • Peter Bingeman: Berks County Settler, by Tim Bingaman.
  • My Schultz/Scholtze Ancestry, by Eileen Tallas.
  • Berks Cousins – The Imbody Family, by Guy Bierman.
  • From The Castle To The Island: Immigrants Entered America At Ellis Island, 1892-1924; What Happened To The Immigrants Before 1892?, by Shirley Mainello.
  • Berks County in 1876 – Ontelaunee and Penn Townships, by F.A. Davis.

Volume 33, No. 4, Summer 2013

  • Front Cover Photo: Taufschein Printed In Reading By Jacob Schneider and Company For Friederich Krebs, Dated 1801. Credit: Thomas J. Gerhart.
  • Fraktur, by Shirley Mainello.
  • Adam Weidner of Geisselhardt, Germmany; 1725 Immigrant to Lobachsville, PA, by Joan L. Weidner-Adams.
  • Berks County in 1876 – Perry, Pike, Richmond, and Robeson Townships, by F.A. Davis.
  • Index of Volume 33.

Volume 34, No. 1, Fall 2013

  • Front Cover Photo: Downtown Boyertown, Pennsylvania, viewed from Cannon Hill Credit: GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.
  • Berks County Register of Wills Available at the Berks County Courthouse.
  • Berks Cousins — The Lucarelli Family, by Guy Bierman.
  • Samuel Burdan/Burden, by Eileen Tallas.
  • A Native of Berks Enjoys Bachelor's Life on a Ranch, contributed by Jim Fair.
  • Berks County in 1876 — Rockland, Ruscomb Manor, and Spring Townships, by F.A. Davis.

Volume 34, No. 2, Winter 2013

  • Front Cover Photo: William Penn Tavern, Gruber Road and Route 183. Taken fall 1975 Credit: Library of Congress.
  • Early Settlers of the Blue Marsh Lake Area, By Michele Ebert.
    • Stamm, Umbenhauer, Obold, Brecht/Bright, Deppen, Gruber, Reber, Hiester

Volume 34, No. 3, Spring 2014

  • Front Cover Photo: Keim Stone Cabin, (Pike Township), Lobachsville, Berks County, PA Credit: Library of Congress.
  • The Milk Maid, by Joan Seaman.
  • Learning the Language Of Soundex, by Shirley Kitner Mainello.
  • Early Generations of Conrad Weiser, by Guy Bierman
  • 1850 Occupations Listed in the Census for Berks County, by Michele Ebert

Volume 34, No. 4, Summer 2014

  • Front Cover Photo: John Jacob Pfeiffer is buried at St. John’s Host Cemetery, Bernville. Credit:
  • The Beginnings of a Revolution, by Louise Hinnershitz
  • Pre-Revolutionary Berks County, by Joan Seaman
  • Battalions and Companies

Volume 35, No. 1, Fall 2014

  • Front Cover Photo: The Thomas Kurr House – Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast located in Tulpehocken Township, Berks County Credit: Berks County Historical Sights.
  • The Wilhelm Family of Northwestern Berks, by John Grimes
  • From the Castle to the Island, a tribute to Shirley Mainello
  • Snippets, compiled from the Reading Times

Volume 35, No. 2, Winter 2014

  • Front Cover Photo: The Lock Tender’s House, located at 27 East Wall Street in Leesport, decorated for the Holidays.
  • Samuel Heffner, Sr., by Michele Ebert
  • John Henry Gable, by Eileen Tallas
  • Where The HECK Is Centreville???, by Louise Hinnershitz
  • Evolution of Surnames, by Matt Jenks

Volume 35, No. 3, Spring 2015

  • Front Cover Photo: Photo Collage of tombstones located in Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, PA Photos. Credit: Michele Ebert
  • Possible Origins of Benjamin Yoder, Unlinked AR, by Ann Balderrama
  • Thompson Gernant Family, by Woodlief “Woody” Thomas
  • The Hiester Family, by Guy Bierman

Volume 35, No. 4, Summer 2015

  • Front Cover Photo: Allegheny Aqueduct - Gibraltar, Pennsylvania Credit: Doug Kerr.
  • The Allegheny Aqueduct, by Matt Jenks
  • The Descendants of Johannes Mosser, by Eileen Tallas
  • The Schearer Tree - Five cheers for longevity that runs in this line!, by Patty Schearer Metz
  • The Elusive John, Esther & Eliza Reppert of Berks County, PA, by Joan Weidner-Adams

Volume 36, No. 1, Fall 2015

  • Front Cover Photo: Limekiln is located on Garman Road, Virginville. Credit: Online Home
  • A Letter From The BCGS Journal Editors
  • Limekilns, by Matt Jenks
  • More Than Just Databases!, by Mary Kircher Roddy
  • The Descendants of Johannes Mosser Part 2, by Eileen Tallas
  • The Name Game, by Darlene Moyer
  • Snippets (1/15/1875)

Volume 36, No. 2, Winter 2015

  • Front Cover Photo: Hex Signs Credit: Uncle Jack's Delights.
  • Hex Signs, by Matt Jenks
  • The Manbeck Family of Western Berks County Part 1, by John H. Grimes
  • 100 Years Ago: Double Tragedy on the Tulpehocken Creek, by Lisa Hain
  • Thirty Five Years of BCGS, by Michele Ebert
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